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Gruszów Castle in the Polish railway PKP magazine ‘W Podróż (On the journey)’

Gruszów Castle in the May issue of the Polish railway PKP Intercity board magazine ‘W Podróż (On the journey)’!

The magazine ‘W Podróż” / On the journey’ is a monthly magazine for passengers of the Polish railway PKP. It can be read en route on express trains or online. Each issue is dedicated to a different region of Poland, and the current issue is dedicated to Lower Silesia. The magazine is filled with interesting content and information about the region, including beautiful photos. You can use it as a travel guide, but also as inspiration for your next trip.

In the current issue you will find many interesting places to discover, from the Porcelain Museum in Walbrzych, the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój, to the picturesque Polish Loire Valley (we are featured here!) and the mysterious Giant Mountains. Whatever your interests, Lower Silesia will surprise you with its richness!

The full version of the magazine is also published online

The full version of the magazine is published on the website:

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